official poll to vote to ban nma

not when its nmagane.

Neck and neck with a slight edge to ban him

It took @YNS 10 minutes to write that post! I was watching the “replying” indicator!

these kinda posts are pure cancer and make me want to hide “see whos replying” functionality entirely

What do you accomplish? It’s not funny, it’s not original, it’s just stupid.


I’m just pointing it out… a lot of people would’ve missed that if I didn’t point it out - I was watching.

Nobody cares if you were watching though.

Yes, that’s not the central point of the post - that’s just the source of my knowledge. The highlight of the post was to showcase how @yns too Ten whole minutes to come up with his most recent joke - he would’ve been kicked off the stage in a real circus!

It’s weird I think he does that to try and troll me because I spent about 30 seconds typing that

Your lying

#save nmagane

@discobot roll 1d2

Keep your enemies closer taps African American head

Honestly I like the man

He knows exactly how to fuck with every single one of you which makes you weaker than hin

You’re like ants and he’s an ant eater

wrong. he’s just annoying. there’s a difference between actually rattling someone and just being someone that no one wants around.

@discobot display help

You’re only saying this because it takes you ten minutes to write very post hahaha! It’s an important function to the site’s function as it shows who is investing too much time into their response.