official poll to vote to ban nma

  • ban him
  • don’t ban him

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What’s wrong? Didn’t like being called out for trolling?

this thread is very important

Why is the poll private?

fuck off

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i could make it piblic…

Or you could move it to spam like you move my threads

is there a way to take back my vote

Make it public


i changed it but it seems buggy idk, i would suggest we redo the poll

Still down to find out what the gen pop of NaM would vote on this!

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I would just keep it we already have 13 votes or something

10q :couple_inlove:

Laughs vigorously loud

Looks like you’re getting banned

I’m not.

Banning people sucks

Don’t worry - @yns is just putting on another Clown Act for all members and nonmembers alike to laugh at.
He’s gonna get in a small car next! hahahaha

@yns Hey! You dropped your nose! :red_circle: Hahahaha