Official Rap Thread

I am what I am and that's all that I am, I am what I am, I'm a hooligan

hey kapten u know any other good swedish rappers besides yung lean (obvious choice there) im looking to expand

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been a while since i seens this


Petter, Stor, Ken Ring, Ison och Fille, Labyrint, Dani M

Idk what the big mainstream ones are now cuz they never say their dumb names on the radio

Emilush for some great meme rap from my city

thanks for this, lots of good stuff here

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fat guy here is an absolute lunatic who stabs people in the street for no reason and the fat girl used to be his gf … she has “property of his name” tatted on her

she went to my school lol already back then she was known as “playboy mia” cuz she apparantly blew someone when she was 12 in her old school

now shes tatted from top to toe, has huge silicon tits, bald head and sells herself online…
she had to sell herself when he was in jail lol and supposedly he wasn’t having any of it and got rid of her

she also threatened a friends friend with a gun over some benzo once

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classy part of sweden

these new videos of this guy dont do him justice tho… and by him i mean the rapper aka the short retard looking one with the bi chain

he got famous for making a “all of our city hates the cops” song around when I was 13 rapping with some immigrant hoodlums

immigrant hoodlums who by the way wrote the fucken sickest diss songs ever

one of these kids was 13 years old lmao saying how hes gonna “roll them in his blunt”

to which the other guys respond by writing a song about how they gonna give him a kinder egg

this is some ja rule ass shit

“Fuck magazines, I’ll deal with it like a man, I’ve got my knuckles and my right hand. We don’t beef with children, ey junior come and I’ll give you a toy” mergim from 7 blades lmfao this beat is so sick also from my city

which one is the kinder egg song?

by the way great stuff here, love the music and trashy lore

i didnt link it but its on the same guys channel with the blue background video

it doesnt matter you cant actually translate this poetry

Long hair rappers are to be disregarded

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