Official thread for Big Benny to post pictures of his e30 m2

Please post pictures with a time stamp or other proof it’s actually you

there’s no such thing as an e30 m2 and everyone who drives e30s is a polish person with bad credit

I believe we should not care whether or not Benjamin drives a nice bmw : )

BMW sucks


He said it’s an e30 m2 bro cmon

More than likely he doesn’t have a car or a job. He’s probably sitting in his mom’s basement trying to think of witty things to say on the internet.

This. He’s a troll in the truest sense of the word, and everything he posts has the sole intent to trigger reactions out of people (though I admit I enjoy some of his posts and wouldn’t like to see him banned), but it kind of amazes me that he manages to get 50+ long response chains out of people

I think it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t own a car at all

Here’s mine, just took it in the garage with my phone:

Cool garage.

Here’s the same car from another angle. The snow really makes the paint look quite different:

Wow. Your backyard is huge.

Where is Benjamin

Benjamin, please post pictures of your car for yung_nigga_sigma

wow the other website sucked but this one fucking sucks even more

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