OFFICIAL thread to ban Big “Shanty Irish” Benny

  • ban Benny
  • don’t ban Benny

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YNS’s humiliating personality adjustment to try and circumvent his downward navigation towards non-existence has conned his new ego a merciless poll machine; feigning judge, jury and ex- with constant and neverending polls in an attempt to express power and authority which does not match up to what we see him as.

To say I would blame him had I been in his position these last few weeks would not be a lie but not a whole truth as well, speaking in halfs does take a toll but it’s a full certainty in this scenario

Not meant to be an insult by the way was just pointing it out hahaha!

Never ban

Nothing personal

okay heres the thing. once greybox is a thing no need to ban these two.

site is small probs bad to just ban everyone who sucks, but tools to ignore people hwo suck are needed

This is primarily a mafia site (not that you’d care due to abandoning games hahaha!) - the concept of greyboxxing is detrimental to the philosophy of the site (although Dan is gentrifying the culture to appeal to a lower denomination audience).

i’d obvioulsy read your posts in mafia games. just wanna hide it in the off topic sections mostly

Why? I would point out that you obviously lack above base intellect to decipher or even attempt to process any of my posts but it would be insulting the intelligence of the audience so I won’t - I’ll allow you a chance to defend yourself.

He’s been typing this one for a while now hahaha!

i hope you live a happy life

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I don’t know him well enough to weigh in, but is he really that bad?

Nobody is getting banned either way. The poll means nothing.

Remove Goy Clubs

they’re def annoying enough that i want to greybox them but i dont think they should actually be banned


There is no such thing.

Please note goy club is spamming the forums to stop this thread from being seen

Still 50/50 this division in these forums are great