official TT position critique thread

In this thread post side profile and full frontal nudes to have your time trial position critiqued by me, wind tunnel man, and I will attempt to guess your drag coefficient.

First up we have Jan Ullrich sporting the sick Rudy Project spectacles and space age Walser bike replete with narrow q factor and iconic flat bar styling guaranteed to lead to many palmares and ulnar nerve entrapment

Score: 7/10 for cute celeste colorway

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im sure youll find some things to do in fucking kansas LOL


Next we have Mario Cippolini cummin in hot bringing new meaning the word skinsuit by bearing it all!

+.5 point for the Saeco edition American made Cannondale aluminatti steed before production was outsourced to Penang

-.5 point for the made in France Mavic disc wheels

Score: 8/10, I'll still let you fuck my wife Mario! as long as you're wearing that saucy number!

I think we'll finish up this round of user submissions with Floyd Landis

Remarkable form, clearly some kind of reverse wedgie suckout effect going on there in the undercarriage and I think it's intentional!

Love the prayer hand position or as some call it mantis style, many breakthroughs have come about from observing nature and this is no different

Score: 10/10

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I'm having trouble assigning a score to this one, but I do respect a man willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of speed.

how about hermann maier but both his cycling and skiing?


Hermann Maier is a fucking god

10/10 for having matching helmets whatever his chosen mode of transport


He's so butch, I would like to see him in the velodrome. I think he could take Sir Christopher Hoy.

I want to put this man:

On a women's T_T bike

Or maybe one of the old Cinelli Laser bikes

And coach him for a run at the hour record


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