official Vaccinated thread

This but because I have so many other things to worry about

I dont want to see your ugly mugs anyways

whoops I meant to reply to this.... :sweat_smile:


Arm hurts. Can't stop stuttering. Random thoughts of bones flowing down a river of blood overtaking my frontal lobes. Every once in a while my head lights up red like I'm being pinged on some overseers map. This was a mistake.

this but I'm unvaccinated


it aint my phase yet but it should be soon

As a healthcare worker I could get my vaccine but naw

As a healthcare worker you will be required to have the vaccine or lose your job

Ur a healthcare worker now?

Dr. Feelgood

i want a vaccine. but apparently maryland cant get their shit together

In Texas you have to have preexisting conditions to get it.

he does

I know. @anon82208883 get that vaccine as soon as you can.

Canadians are getting fucking shafted so I can look forward to getting a vaccine in, uh, July.

Same here. But I want to visit my family this Summer.
Shit sucks. For all I know I am already immune.

@FrankGrimes has already been poked and he lives with eskimos

about to doxx kyle:

real name: Greg _____

greg maddux