official Vaccinated thread

Post itt when you've been vaccinated


Twice baby esketit

Also @admins can we get an edit to the title to make this the official vaccinated thread

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This is huge

Fully vaccinated as of last Tuesday

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Massive event

Not getting vaccinated

not because I think it’s going to change my dna I just really don’t feel like doing it

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there's so many fucking old people in the county where i've holed up for covid that im probably not going to get vaccinated until next year

Should move to mn. All essential workers can now schedule for an appointment.

if i was going to move somehwere in that direction it would be like wyoming

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That's expensive

Plus aren't you like a shift lead at KFC or something

Thank you admins

smh people posting without confirming vaccination in the official vaccinated thread

the only thing i can confirm exists in wyoming is yellowstone. i remember nothing else except two lane roads, fences and occasionally a tree

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No thanks.


Have my first shot. Second shot seems like a meme but I'll probably get it in a few weeks here

Absolutely earth shattering shit