Official Worst Poster Thread

  • alightsoul
  • ian

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This is a real tough one.

Krob is a fucking god shut your fucking mouth before I remove you from my definitive top posters list

What are you talking about?

  • there’s no worst poster. I love everybody on the site equally
  • and we are all good buds.
  • Suck it :dong: ewiz

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could yoj please delete this thread

Please keep in mind I know 2 languages and a little french before you make your vote

If it influences ur decision I have a big dick and shoot mediocre loads

I like you Ian. I think we could be good friends.

I did not read your posts in that other thread though.

Cool do u have discord or live in ny

I dont know who ian is

alightsoul posts havent been bothersome lately


Does anyone have wintermutes contact information

Spin around in front of a wall mirror, eyes closed, and whisper his name thrice.

You’ve gotta talk to Brandon Bui for that kind of info

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