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Ogre Magi. In the middle line.

My Chaos Knight feeds incessantly and we almost lose. But we don't, because we've got Ogre Magi in the middle line.


Ogre mid sounds fun

no battlefury.
what a newb

ogre magi voice line

How to Become Disable God Mid Ogre Magi:

  1. Shield Blade branches. Maybe OOV.
  2. Ogre Magi has lots of HP regen. Rush Soul Ring for even more. Spam Ignite. Right click.
  3. Stubbornly farm mid until you get a Midas, then go Aghanim's.
  4. Other good items are: Urn of Shadows, Blink, Kaya, Aether, Greaves, Dagon, Sheepstick... you know, wizard stuff.
    4b. But uh, you can go a right click build if you get a strong start. There's a +90gpm, +40 Str and +90 damage talents which are good for this. The Midas attack speed and Bloodlust makes you hit really hard by default, Deso and Daed and the like are powerful.

The twisted fates of matchmaking toss me into a game with 1 Immortal + 1 Divine on each team. I lock in Ogre Mid. My enemy mid is a Divine Meepo.

My Immortal laughs that I'm taking mid from him to play Ogre mid. "But I think Ogre is good mid," he adds.

I farm well in lane, but he's a good Meepo so he both farms and kills my team. And he tries to kill me, but... for the most part, I'm too fucking beefy and he wastes a lot of time going on me and not getting anything.

Meanwhile, Immortal Morphling got items. So we squad up and run at them for 11 minutes. Between our 3 stuns we lock anyone down we see and our building damage is insane with Bloodlust. Ez game.

This hero is great.

Oov is core same with Midas.

Semicore tier castables = Urn/Lotus Orb.

Sometimes viable Orchid multicast

You already know about my pool perseverance midgame battlefury ogre build so yeah that shit owns

IF you want a super cheese win rate ranked build just go Hotdominator + Drum + Catapult then buy neconomicon.