Old Runescape Thread

and other popular games with the lil mini tabs in the section like HS or whatever people play like pubg or somthing

Shouldn’t one thread for the game work fine? I can turn the initial post into a wiki post which makes it editable to trusted users so they can update the OP and add more information.

Otherwise if a game is popular enough I’d gladly turn on a category for it it’s not a big deal or anything. I might make one for wow if people Want it.

i gues it could i just saw th other games under the section. i will update this thread as time goes and let u know how many threads and poss ther are for each game.

currently: 1

No need for separate sections when the user base is so low right now. Just causes clutter


hahaha wtf

What’s your level in OSRS?

Never played - it looks very Gay. And yours?

Your lyeing

? OK.

Want to play Throne of Lies with me?

No I don’t have it installed

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Need addy