Omicron looooooooooool

Get triple vaxxed and then have a mutation that doesn't give a fuuuuuuk

Liiiiibs and commies looooooooooool


try forming a coherent thought

liiiiiiibs and fascists loooooooooooooooool?

why am i typing

@Plasma1337 have you recently made an efffort to not be incredibly stupid

Omicron looooool

Mexicans doing @Sammyboy 's job for $2 an hr n he can't figure out why nobody wants to pay him $5k a month


Omicron anagram of MORONIC get owned ■■■■■■ libs

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Just two more shots!


Yes very strange how this variant popped up in a place with 25% of the population who is vaccinated

You misunderstand that this is an even greater argument for mandatory vaccinations for the entire world

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Yns and refpsi, pictured

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^ jdance still dnt get it, they got him lined up for the next 5 boosters like they a barber.

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You're right. It takes 5 minutes so why the fuck would I care?

I will take a booster every single month refpsi