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@faZ i believe this pertains to you

well it isn't just not eating sugar you also run a lot dude.

I lost 23.2lbs.

I wasn't trying to aggressively lose weight. I had 3 days straight where I intentionally ate double my normal calories

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Good job, takes a lot of mental strength to keep on top of it.

How tall are you?

6 foot 3

Damn you are a giant, I am 6'2

He's not 6'3

I'm 6'2 and he's shorter than me (we stood back to back

I'm not even 6'2 depending what doctor you ask

Do you need me to fetch my doctor thing

3 words: corrected posture


Ur posture was good when u were in the casino bro mine was shit

I remember completing you specifically on that

so im like 6'4

that's sick

You gotta get those respirations down bro