One Piece Animation Racist?

i don't watch tiktok videos of mongrels dancing to despacito; I have season tickets to the ballet

you mean his head? or his feet? His center of mass may be higher than yours considering your weight distribution.

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Well his soul certainly is nowhere near his body so I wouldn't try to measure that. It's in a different realm - I doubt dirt exists there.

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all serious scientists agree the soul resides in the heart

i went to the national ballet for my birthday when i was in Kazakhstan earlier this year.

Clip part got me

my wife studied it in university so I am expected to tag along with her

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you guys ever seen Hamilton? it fucking sucks


I cross train ballet

It's called Jack and Jill. Who have you been watching? I bet it was leo lorenzo

i almost got dragged to this a week or two ago

the gayest shit imaginable

ended up going to an organ concert instead

My uber eats is almost here bros

Got pizza and a anti pasto salad

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never been to one lol, why do you always think i personally do the things you critisize

i just think you are silly

is this real?

i hope this is true