One Piece Animation Racist?

I recently watched the Netflix One Piece live action so now Google is recommending me all One Piece nerd shit and clips from the original anime.

I just saw this one and got very concerned:

Why did they draw the lips of the one African American character like that? None of the other characters are drawn with prominent lips.

It is very similar to the old racist depictions of Black & brown people in American media.

What do you guys think? Is anime racist?

not racist: does not have two tone lips

The two images look very similar to me.

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two of the more racist people present conferring over what qualifies as racism is a good chuckle


most anime is racist


This is what I'm saying.

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cringe meme sent earnestly is cringe

Glad to have your comments on this topic. As the forum's resident anime watcher

Don’t tell ‘em about the attack on titan racism

i know more about racism than nyte, not beacuse I am a racist, but beacuse im not a dumb dumpy woman

one piece obviously strives to an accurate depiction of reality much like how the black forum moderator on this website is the dumbest and the worst

I agree actually. I feel like I interact with more people of different races and social classes on a daily basis than a lot of these "intersectional" nitwits (who mostly either live very socially limited, isolated lives, or interact primarily with academics (undergrad students) or PMC)

I also have been telling ■■■ that keeping LBJ on as a moderator is racist and potentially even illegal (Students v. Harvard, 2023)

However I don't think one piece strives for an accurate depiction of reality as the main character deflects a bullet by stretching out/puffing up his chest to make himself bouncy. It's not very realistic

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Tell me you know nothing about physics without telling me you know nothing about physics



ok jbp

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I don't think anyone here is actually racist at all.

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i believe is what you mean to say

I'm just saying the "racists" of the website are always the people with more multicultural friends and diverse backgrounds