Open AI thread

Has the time come???

what was the impetus for this thread, me confused

AI is evil

I am arming myself for the AI war you fucking robocommies are going down

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Wonder if the 2nd amendment will cover drone jammers and EMP grenades

The bots beat the humans 2-1. Blitz, Cap, Fogged, Merlini, and Moonmeander lost a bo3 to the bots.

Interview with the humans coming up next.

Imagine being that bad at Dota you lose to bots ROFL

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I missed the first 2 games, but I want to watch them to see if moonmeander gets killed multiple times and ragequits.


did that reaction test under the influence too if ya catch my green wave

y’all ain’t gotta be no fighter pilot to have a reaction time under 200ms smdh all that reddit rotting brains over there

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Hey, thanks for the vid

its really amazing how bad the humans played. especially moonmeander. the single most pathetic pro performance ive ever seen.

i think they must have been lagging or paid to throw or something. they really shouldnt be this bad at the game.

the bots werent that impressive imo. Their strategy was just to deathball. Plus the fact that like 4 items were banned and that there were like 15 heroes to pick from or something.

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I thought it was even worse and you couldn’t even select out of a specific 5 heroes

the bots also had 5 invulnerable couriers like turbo, invis heroes couldn’t be used, nor heroes with illusions.

oh i honestlu didnt pay all that much attention. could be that it auto assigned, but like “look at how good my robot can ride this bicycle (with training wheels)” isnt impressive