Origin Of Your Name Thread

How did you come up with your name? Discuss the origins of your online alias.

Someone had it on the Indy power plant gun game server in 2007

You Stole a name? That doesn’t seem right.

Dude there are 40,000 wintermutes you Philip k. Dick

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Pkd didn’t write neuromancer idiot

I just couldn’t come up with a sci fi pun involving dick

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Joined irc as “jones” - got banned and came back as “notjones”.

I’m not some ■■■■■■ who plays pretend online.

Good to see that ■■■■■■ got word-filtered, wouldn’t want to offend the fags.

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Hmm wow it did

Now nobody will know if I am calling nmagame a ■■■■■■ or a ■■■■■■


■■■■■■ and ■■■■■■ have the same word length; in the future people are going to say I was saying “■■■■■■” (which is way more vile than “faggot”).




How did you come up with your name, q0q15?

q0-q15 are the 128bit registers on a NEON device