Osiris's sicilian mafia day 3

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apologies my state got sorta flooded. last night ewiz was slain, dude got headshotted those scumbags truly know no boundaries attacking children. also somebody came at epok with a knife and made a macabre mess out of him

@mafiabot startday 6286

@mafiabot vc

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LuckyArtist, faZ, electrowizard, ian, SuPA, SCSF, Nyte, sdadasdas,

Alive Players - 8

Majority Vote - 5


flips please @Osiris


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@electrowizard was in fact an INNOCENT CHILD . the fucking audacity to kill a child


@roragok could you fix the bot by removing electrowizard and supa and putting in gwez

osiris may have already asked by pm but in case he hasnt

ok apparently roragok can't due to not having access to laptop but @SOPHIE can if he didnt lose his credentials

and shut up bazinga im trying to facilitate an optimal forum mafia gaming experience

Overnight I was pissed you idiots didnt lynch nyte because how fake her role sounded

I guess technically she knew there is non-gunned scum if she is it based on the flavor.

who were you on last night @LuckyArtist

How the fuck was it two gun shots yesterday and today there is a shot kill and a knife kill

i got mad at myself too right after the flip. lol

@scsf ??


u get hit by laura? we got some storms in baton rouge but it just barely scraped by


yea dog i wake up and these doofus's have the sprinklers on

i actually don't know if it was part of laura but it was an assload of rain