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How do i pangolier?

Pangolier? BArely even Knew her!!!

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I wanna learn this hero too someone pls effort post

Aight I spammed pango a bit I’m gonna put together a more detailed post after my game. I had a lot more success with him last patch but i think that’s a me thing and not a hero thing

This hero is decent offlane vs melee carries. PL, spec, faceless, antimage. It’s REALLY horse shit vs bloodseeker. He beats you 1v1 and rupture makes ur ult useless.

You want to have another hero in lane with you to help zone out the enemy support. Starting items are stout/3x tangos/salve or 6x tangos/mangos. An early quelling blade is nice to out CS the enemy. I either go bottle 1st or arcanes. Max your swashbuckle always, since the lower cooldown at level 4 makes you more mobile and let’s you survive + harass. Usually it’s best to max shield crush second so that at level 6 your skill build is 3-2-0-1 and eventually 4-4-0-1. Sometimes if you’re absolutely demolishing your lane you go 4-0-4-1 or 4-2-2-1 but shield crush is such nice damage it’s hard to pass up.

This hero seems best when you build him really tanky and mobile as opposed to stacking javelins and going maelstrom and shit.

A good item progression might be
bottle/wand -> arcanes (or just brown boots) -> blink -> then vanguard/euls/greaves/whatever your team might need.

your ult with blink/euls combo makes you really deadly for either setting up ganks or during team fights, as you can perma stun the enemy if you do it right for like 7 seconds.

Lategame you might wanna start looking at aeon disk, abyssal, mkb, crimson guard, shivas.

This hero is really fun once you get his swashbuckle aiming down. The vector targetting shit is different than anything else in dota so it’s fun to get creative with it. I use quickcast and it works fine with that. You just have to play him to get comfortable with the skill

His ult is really good, but it can be wonky sometimes. Just pay attention to walls you can bounce off of and don’t be afraid to shield crash if u get stuck on some shit.

For his talents I always go the mana regen at 10, usually the +2s ball duration at 15, +20 strength at 20 and -35 rolling thunder at 25

I’m sure you could grab the swashbuckle +40 and the -3s swashbuckle if you have like mkb mjolnir basher or some shit.

I have been seeing the hero a lot less lately. I think people figured it out and there are just better offlaners right now, but it’s still fun