Panic@Forum D3

When you retain, you become more intuitively aware of the whims of women. That's how I was able to read Nyte and Matticus properly

sometimes you just gotta roleplay what's thrown at you in order to mafia

but chill that's :nono:

ive grabbed the phone to get to EOD after doing my thing. i just dont blog about it


His thing: Gay sex three-way with the forum's other admins

where were you when town needed you?

the correctly play was lynch nmagane day 1 then jcrispy, also osiris scum told really hard d1 when he got me to switch lynches to jcrispy, i was going to pressure him on that and almost changed my vote to him immediately after he posted the pepe hand shaking meme however i just wanted to get the goys out of the game before they griefed it

Was busy getting the bag. Sorry you’re broke :v:

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You, Kyle, and Bazingaboy were all thoroughly humiliated and outplayed, in exactly that order.
I could not have asked for a sweeter victory than your tears. Pathetic. Back to the graybox you go.

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Not nice


all hail vanila town

You need to work on acting more towny. You get voted out a lot.

You're supposed to follow the best player (me) lesson learned

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No I don't think so. My day was extremely towny you just weren't townreading well

Sometimes I do act scummy and get voted out for that but not this game (it was a game about towntelling)

If you have to ask your self if you are the problem, or everyone else is the problem, the answer is clear.

Re-read the day with me being town in mind. It is pretty clear. I hard push an actual mafia, you choose wrong on the train. Bazinga was actually reading the thread and found it very easy to read properly so don't give me this "everyone else is wrong" nonsense

Number one, I didn't vote you because I had a hard scum read on you. I was following Jones' plan.
Recruit whoever is going to die, so we avoid tainting the neighborhood.

Number two, everyone else voting you.

Think about it.

So you take no accountability for your vote? The fact is you were hard scumreading me (your thoughts are in neighborhood chat) and you have individual accountability for your actions as a player, there's no like "I was following someone else's plan"

Jones chose me for the plan because i was the top pick to lynch in the thread at the time, I was the top pick to lynch because people like you couldn't TR me when I was very open with my thoughts and pushing someone I correctly considered an outed scum.

List of "everyone else" there:
KrazyKat, Vanilla_Town, Matticus, magicmagininja

you - -- -- - scum --- - "following the plan" --- non-brain player

You're not a non-brain player but you have a weakness in Hunting Town. That's why I talked about you specifically. Plus a very high impact role this game

Lastly there is no way you had time to go reread the entire day in the 30 seconds since my last post