Paper mario bug version

apparently theres this paper mario-esque game thats about bugs that came out.

Haven't (and may not ever) play it, but it looks really good. Just wanted to spread the word.


Yo, I miss Paper Mario and this looks pretty faithful. Dope. Maybe when it goes on sale.

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arent u nice. Oh well gotta get back to studying for law school :slight_smile:

It's pretty fun actually. Tell your friend he did a good job.

i dont know who made it actually. Just saw it on ar slash games

No you do know who made it. you're marketing the game here. I can easily find out where you live by the way haha so kiss your law school goodbye

looks cool

is it good?


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I like it. Haven't finished it cuz of law school tho


Should we have a thread dedicated for games that are actually small in terms of playerbase/popularity (such as this one) or is that a waste of time

im going to buy it an report back

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Buying cogmind will report back

Recent indie review: children of morta

Final say: it is a good game get it

pretty epic so far defintely fills the hole for paper mario style game ive had for like at least 10 years now

cogmind is pretty epic especially if you like trad roguelikes

my only complaint is the platforming is 3D but its hard to tell which direction ur 2D ccharacter models are facing lol

extremely good game, much bigger than I thought. doesn't feel like some incomplete indie scam game at all, I'm like 15 hours in and only on Chapter 5 of 7 with only doing a few sidequests

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The characters look sorta like hollow knight

i need to beat that someday