I have an inability to get close to people because I am always afraid of being hurt. I am always afraid people are scheming. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Do you all believe people are truly opportunists? If you give them an opportunity to eat you, that they will?

Or that people are inherently scheming against you to try to ruin your life or kill you? I think this all the time and I review my social interactions at work for people trying to manipulate me and fool me into a trap all the time.

My coworker today was telling me about a gambling bot that he made with someone who he's never met that he uses to place bets with bookies and makes thousands of bets a year through this bot. I'm like wtf is this guy saying. Is he trying to scam me? Does he want me to download a phone app so he can hack my phone and steal my crypto? I told him I have crypto, it slipped out because he's always asking questions so I wonder if he's being shady or if I'm out of my mind. I am extremely distrustful of people who keep talking about money and asking me a lot of questions about my money. Maybe but maybe that's everyone. Maybe everyone is like that. An opportunist and instead of trying to live in a world where I distrust everyone or trust everyone, so binary like a child's way of thinking, I should understand that people are complex. They can be kind but at the same time vicious.

Welcoming and conniving. You can be safe but still in great danger at the same time all the time. Rather than live in fear of what others can do to you, make sure that you are protected so that they cannot hurt you instead.

I live in a world where I think everyone is trying to kill me or hurt me, but is that the truth? Or am I overthinking?

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Time for the monthly dose of Narcissism.


I know it is narcissistic to think people want to harm you but I also cannot stop thinking that the world is evil and dangerous therefore I am in danger. It's a dillema. You act like I enjoy this but it is hell. Removing narcissism is removing living in constant fear and anxiety

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Not reading your posts. Go fuck yourself bitch.


Study analysis paralysis

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Study going with the flow and being cool

Just literally stop thinking its not doing anything productive for you bro

But i must admit i also did not read the posts

Don't trust people.

your coworker could just be falling for one of those pig fattening scams if theyve never pulled out

Me and who ?