Patch Notes

Looks like an nmagane mafia setup




  • +150 Health. Activate to Dig with a 1 second channel. Can find a Bounty Rune, a Flask, a 2 charged TP Scroll bundle, or an enemy Kobold. The same reward doesn't appear back to back. Cooldown: 70 seconds.
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RIP side shop.

is this a joke


going to need that shovel because the game is dead

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Told ya what they were doing. This is all part of the agenda to mario party dota and sell more cosmetics.


The greatest decision valve has ever made: Turn their game into a joke before it dies. Better to burn out than to fade away.

I can't wait to watch the next tournament and see the clowny combos that ruin the games.

pubs today have been clowny as shit
also whats the point of t5 neutral items if the game ends by 30 mins AT WORST