Patching Schedule

So patching the code base of the forum requires site downtime. I’m thinking off doing it either weekly or biweekly Sunday mornings. Like anytime from 5-7am. Lasts for probably 10 mins.

Also during the initial setup phase outages may happen as I implement new features. One of the first things I want to update is to use aws smtp mail.

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Patching this Sunday @7AM EST.

Things that will be updated:

  1. Code base synced with -
    Last build -

  2. Update email to use aws SMTP instead of elasticemail.

  3. Add plugin(s) -

Please add reactions so I can just hide the like post feature and people can like posts via a handful of animated emotes I stole fr om Dota

Found it

Core updated, using AWS SMTP Mail, and added both plugins.

If anyone experiences any problems related to email let me know. The few test emails I sent were sending.

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Enabled S3 backups. weekly and on demand. persist for 100days.

Need to bring the site down a bit tomorrow for updates. Probably around September 9, 2018 6:00 AM (America: New York)

Then probably in two weeks to a month will need downtime to resize the instance for more storage as the site continues to increase in size.

Might just be that image caching is expensive. I like it but maybe we should turn it off so you don’t have to spend more money’s?

This is a slippery slope.

How so

Soon you might cut other costs of the site like the Tinder section

It’s fine. Increasing disk space is pretty minimal impact. Just slightly annoying to resize volumes in aws. You have to manually gpart it basically.

Have to resize now to patch. downloading new images takes up the remaining space. so working on that now.

were supposed to be putting them in s3 buckets tho right

the backups are in an s3 bucket. but the docker image needed to be updated and that didnt have enough space to download. deleteing the backups in the ui also pushes a delete to s3.

but i just disabled that so it shouldn’t do it anymore.

Patching shortly and adding live stream plugin to see how it goes for now.

Please post feedback related to the plugin here



okay so i should basically just not evne bother reapplying stuff for a bitty