Path of Exile

This game is way better than I expected. Pepper/slith got me into it from their discord, it’s really fun. First game to really hold my interest like dota did when I first got into it.

This thread will be popping when pepper stove and Co come on down

most of the hype for this league died down alreafy. prob not gonna be poppin until the next one

who are you pheonix? and yeah the league is definitely dying, i still see pepper on a decent amount but slith stopped playing like a week or two ago.

I still haven’t beat all the new acts. Games different now. I end up losing interest

It’s so hard to diligently play this and the hardcore runs take forever and make my butt and back hurt.

Still an insanely fun game until you level and reach most of your tree and start clearing maps with very little danger

I was (in)finite but go by this name on pree much everything else

ah ok, welcome back!

Playing a DW sunder jugg that pepper built for me that i’m really enjoying right now. Clearing guardians with some difficulty but I’m getting it done. Considering buying one of these axes.

wish pepper was alive

pepper is alive, i just dont think he wants to join. same with slithereen/flatsix, pretty sure they all know about it cuz im in a discord with all of them.

i just realized ur in the same discord

he dont wanna get sucked in but he’ll get in eventually

slithereen/flatsix can join but im way more apathetic baout em

slithereen and flatsix didnt seem to eager on joining

unless you setup a new NAmafia for flatsix to shit up

slithereen can join if he wants to play mafia and get his hole reamed x) but its not like i liked flatsix’s posts. maybe he’s better now but i got a lack of faith in him changing anytime soon if he thinks keeping me out of his discord is still a big deal lol

bought a shaper ammy and 2 ventors gambles, running shaped underground sea right now. profits seem good.

i stopped playing poe, the game got too repetitive.

this league got boring pretty fast

I am better than all of you at this game

And it’s not even close