PC treadmill

Got this treadmill. Literally NEVER have to go outside again. Just to the grocery store. I have been using it every couple hours for 10-15 min at a time I feel great

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Those things seem too small to do any sort of jogging or faster on

i can do a light jog. I wish it was wider for walking. Goes 3.8 miles per hour max

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I kinda unironically wanted a peloton for a while. The features make it seem cool enough

that takes up a lot of space. This thing sits against my wall when not in use

Is there any wider options for what you got

It's a pain in the ass to look for that but I'm sure there is

Hook up a food tube to your mouth, and a poop tube from your butt to the toilet and you can play forever.

ironic because your whole life has already been on a treadmill

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Nah my arms won't last

Omg just got up to get some morning water. My legs are done for today

no i have to go do a 1hrwalk for groceries. Must get fit for next montreal lan to impress the nerds as their alpha

finally have my standing desk set up with treadmill. Broke a sweat playing dota just now.