peaceful thread

hows everyones wednesday going im chillin in my ap lang class bouta go home and play some dota

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doin good mayne

Chilling. No work today. Just been sitting around.

I’m gonna make some chill af (but hella depressing) music when I get home gonna be a good time

Thinking of creating a nuclear bomb

Why are you doing this?

giVE ME your soundcloud

Nah this is deep introspective music where I say fuck the world and fuck people over and over

where have i ever given the notion that i like people
i tolerate them because i have to
if you reconsider, pm me

Well I meant to say I have no SoundCloud it’s all just files on my computer but ye if I ever post em I’ll let u know

just make vocaroos with your earbuds builtin mic I will listen to them

Vocaroo steals your personal info also guys my music isn’t ready to be shared with the world yet

did lbj and pepper have a swinger hookup yet

pretty sure pepper is racist so no

dude racists are all about intermixing. its a kink for them

yeah well the only racist that can get this d is tammy


Can’t believe you won’t let me cop a few singles off ur mixtape after our brief adventuring party

U were the half orc right? Smh

Back on stone making… No more stone lifting for a while… Just sittin in my chair