Peak. Male. Performance.

reading an a2pas and nmaGane altercation.

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I found it an interesting journey into mankind’s psyche

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I hate

hey woah dont post pictures of other members without consent especially me xD

Why are you just getting trolled by nmaGane moulder?

Andrew Nosnitsky of Pitchfork said that the album “adds another level of the British duo’s legacy. Though it’s created by a computer, it will bring you to another plane of human existence if you let it.”[6]

<12:24:55> “notjones”: Pitchfork Media 8.2/10

You’d think transcending this plane would get you at least a 9~

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Only Kanye can get 9+

Check it out I launder money from UAE princes and then invite 14 year olds on my boat

Can I come

im not dan bilzerian but I can give u his email:

I am peak male performance

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Peak Male Performance