Petition to change Site Name to 'White Boys Off Their Meds'

tapestry of personalities clashing against their own egos and flaunting their weakness to the world. Some fucking joke of a site. @Osiris @big_ass @JDance you need fucking psychiatric help.

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Jones needs a career (like me) not an internship ( 30 yearold intern)

What did he mean by this?

why are you mad at Osiris of all people?


share the 5 man low priority jones q veno game

fuck you

jones could learn a lot from you. like moving your settler inland as venice

at higher difficulties, if I try to move my settler I will lose on wonder timings

Venice has coastal start bias unless you play modded

I turn biases off cause its dumb

does not have to be modded

"Oh im a mudslime civ? guess in in the useless desert"

desert is one of the best starts!

tundra and a lit of jungle starts are bad tho

Plains is the best start