Petition to restore LBJ mod capabilites

Cmon these withdrawals have gone on long enough I need my fix of fake power ASAP

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thanks for the support guys


There’s no category-only moderators

I think someone else should be given a shot honestly. I said it before but I think rotating moderators is a good thing anyways. I only gave magic moderator because he wants to host the next mafia game and you can’t edit the op or lock/unlock your own thread by default right now.

Forrest has offered to moderate, I’m open to other options. Two or three mods would be good, ideally they would be content creators or be oldfriends or have good new people to refer like Forrestand not LBJ unfortunately lol.

Kaptenrobert as SuperModerator

Make me mod

Please also remove the 20 char limit


May I add to the petition? I’d like corollary where AiRHoGS and I get mod as well.

Truly Yours,


Only for brand new users and making a new thread I think. I know for a fact that you only Need one character to send a reply if you’re trusted enough


you can do nonblocking spaces man this new InvisionPowerBoards shit still has dumb workarounds smdh


Get out my thread

Please upvote this to the top


Ty for your support

I don’t know why you would want to be a mod