Phantoms: Day 3

The town wakes to another peaceful morning. Yet it feels chillingly quieter than yesterday? Maybe it's your imagination.

It is Day 3. Day 2 will last ~36 hours, ending at noon EST on Saturday.


Important details about this format:

  • There is no majority instalynch. Lynches will always take place at EOD.
  • A Phantom is not aware of their role until it is activated.
  • If a majority of the living players (including stumps) vote for it, day will be shortened by 12 hours.

Alive? Players



Semi closed with a twist: Players who are nightkilled do not die.

Instead, NK targets are secretly turned into Tree Stumps (allowed to post, votes will appear in votecounts, but not actually in the game and their votes do not really count). When lynch-or-lose ratio is hit, all Stumped players die and flip together.

Possible Roles:

Doctor - Protect a player from being Stumped at night. Saving a player informs the stumper they failed.

Gunsmith - Give a player a gun. Guns are transferable 1-use Stumpeners.

Armorsmith - Give a player a vest, Vests are transferable 1-time Stump immunity - but you will be Stumped in their place.

Deceiver - Choose a Stumped player. That player will flip Mafia.

Phantom - If a stump when LYLO is reached, does not die.

Silencer - Target a player. If they are stumped, kill them.

Roleblocker - A player of your choosing cannot use their role at night.

Bomb - If a player stumps you, you also stump that player.

Tracker - Watches a target at night. If they use a role, the Tracker is notified.

Prodigy - May choose a role. Become a 1-shot of that role.

Not all potential roles will be in the game. All roles may be town or mafia. A player may have more than one role. There may be more than one of the same role. Roles may be 1-shot, 2-shot, or usable every night.

I told you I was town. And I helped lynch a scum. We need to look at all the vote changes at the end of day 2 and figure out who was doing what.

@mafiabot startday 3711

Jenanda tried to push a lynch on me at the last minute. Looks very scummy.
So did nyte and roragok.

They might be reaction votes so I am not sure.

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

wolfy, Roragok, Friend, bazingaboy, Nyte, epok, Rildom, Jenanda_Bollywood, murs, KrazyKat, PassionForTrains,

Alive Players - 11

Majority Vote - 6


me and wolfy got'im

I think I got him.

I know I look scummy sometimes, but sometimes my reads are good.

Here are my reads from yesterday before the flip:

My reads might be wrong, but compare them to who voted on who at the end of the day.

Not sure how that shit was even real tbh
Condolences to the rest of the scum team on that one

I feel like fmu came into this game with some weird ass agenda to play like that

Then again he did make some very questionable choices last game as a pr

Either way I think it’ll make sorting through the rest slightly more difficult nevermind epok still scummy as fuck on him

@Nyte your lynch choices at end of day are questionable.

Reaction test, or real votes?

I still believe epok is scummy. Specifically the way he reacted to wolfy calling out fmu looked really bad to me in particular.

I was not confident in your lynch at all but fmu looked way too easy so I was trying to figure out who would jump ship

Right now my pool is friend, epok/jenanda in that order

But I’m gunna reread

Ooga booga

Town player here

Yeah I don’t think so

Congratulations you just walked yourself into a scum slot

youre seriously dumb if you think id bus my partner that hard. are you actually scum?