Phantoms: Graveyard Chat

Welcome to death. Cheer on/flame your team beyond the grave at your leisure here.

I hope it works :stuck_out_tongue:

hope what works

Suicide play

So far so good.


I'll message you

Town is in amazing shape because the Doctor was REALLY IMPORTANT FOR MAF

Well, I say that, but if I hadn't been too hungover to end day then Nyte would be dead.

People onto Rildom but heat never sticks on him

bazinga and jenanda are just effectively griefing wolfy here

I felt like I needed to extend day though because people weren't even engaged first two phases.

I think Wolfy might actually get lynched lmao

ive been in a very similar position to wolfy in this game

correctly scumreading a scum but also incorrectly tunneling nyte and the incorrect nyte tunnel is fucking everything up

Bazinga listed a town circle that was spot on

And then just went completely off the rails

I've never misread Nyte because she's always town and I always know B)

Nyte does look pretty scummy this game

does benny really have a gun that he can fire tonight