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First, you should define the terms in your question more clearly. Does thought exist as a physical object? If so, where is it?

If you mean that thought is a non-physical entity, perhaps existing outside of the brain, then I believe this to be false. The human mind can only exist in the physical world.

However, if you mean that thought is contained in the brain as information or content, then I would say yes. In fact, although individual thoughts do not exist outside of a person's brain, knowledge itself does.

The brain is a physical object, and we can measure the activity of neurons, which process information. We can see the effects that chemicals have on our ability to think.

Thus, thought is contained in the brain. It exists there as information.

Some might argue that the information contained in an object can exist outside of it. For example, a book may contain informational content without any physical form. However, this is only true for abstract concepts.


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Internet "philosophy" discussions indistinguishable from a machine that spews pseudo-intelligent-sounding nonsense. News at 10

awful lot of words to say, yes. i think this ai is biased.

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Overall, I believe it is not beneficial to do 5 hours of work for an A in this class. It does not make you a better student or help you develop your life skills.


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the scary thing is that what the machine says is generally coherent and sensical. in this case however it is written in the style of an 8th grade essay (although GPT-3 is capable of imitating other styles)

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Just because you didn't understand what was being said doesn't make it equivalent to the GPT-3 bot