Picky Eater Quiz

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I got: Not too shabby

I will eat almost anything. But fuck curry. That shit's nasty.

The share function is pretty bad so you have to screenshot it to show results

The only ones I really checked are dairy because I can't

But then some dairy I didn't check because I just eat that and get sick. Love me dairy simple as

But there are plenty here I wouldn't usually choose to eat. Doritos and ranch. Just not my vibe. I do eat them though - I'm not like picking it out of the snack mix at a party. Just don't buy doritos or go out of my way to choose to eat them myself

I checked mcrib because I just don't eat fast food but honestly I could probably eat that

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This shit aint accurate I'm a super picky eater.


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get a lifw

Not surprised that hubert doobert has the highest number of avoided foods on the forumn.


Ban will eat anything.

he eats cock and cum on the regular



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