Pimp My Steam Profile. Steam Profile Customization thread.

What Backgrounds/Features do you use on your steam profile? I got this background like a year ago and was looking for a new one.
Using “Artifact” as favorite game as it is my current favorite (on steam that is).



id go with this personally

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i also need to change mine. mines really boring and needs some pizzazz

@paine also leaves me nice messages thank u paine

Mines got an anime chick amaneeee

Paines got the best bedside manner of all nadota and he’s a considerate lover when he’s in said bed, too

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hello this is the only place i realized that had the word ‘steam’ in it when i searched… if you click on the cozy cottage about halfway down the storefront page you get free virtual shit every day

edit you can also click on the winter sale button. derp

How cozy is it


Wats the thread count

These are things I gotta know kitten if im goin in.

oh… well im going to disappoint you then…

Thanks for this btw

I got some Kool Emojis

I gotchu

Also humble bundle is giving away free Lego LOTR when u sub to their newsletter… Not for me but it’s there for anyone who might want it

I got it already

Never gonna play it but it’s free

I missed the one with the hobbit (which is apparently a worse game anyway - doesnt really matter because I dont play games) so jumped on this one

Reminder if you have amazon prime/twitch prime to download their stupid fucking standalone app since they give out games like every other day all year, and they’re not too bad

What have they given

Amazon keeps offering me free prime but last time I took it they just went ahead and charged me for it because you can only get free prime once or something and I had it 6 years ago

Im not falling for your tricks again Jew Bezos

How about YOU be a good poster and do a quick fucking Google search about it???

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