Pizzagate is real - Hollywood = pedos

If you can debunk this, I'll ban myself.


Order in the court

This is not a conspiracy. It is a fact.

If you haven't seen An Open Secret already I recommend you give it a watch

In short - people in positions of power sometimes use that power to abuse and some institutions (hollywood, most recently - but not exclusively Hollywood) would rather protect them than address that abuse. #MeToo caught the guys abusing 20-year-old white women but not the people abusing 11-year-old boys.

You gotta ask yourself, why is youtube hiding the search for this video?

Idk about pizzagate exactly, but I don't even need to do research to believe many powerful folks, hollywood included, are pedos.

it's obvious that the dubious results when he searched "src" was from the imgsrc site which is probably just a hosting platform and not some hidden code

Qanon being right about everything would be the funniest thing to happen in my lifetime

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Did you not watch part 1?

How the fuck are you just gonna say "It's just a random search error!"

fucking insane your brains just goes "Oh it's nothing!"

only watched part 2

watch part 1

quit 10seconds in when he had himself playing runescape, give us the recap

Thats just a guy who mirror'd it. skip to 3 mins in