Picked up Polish DotA team. Lets see what happens


Oh Kurwa dawai sukas


Finals Suko


Go GandalfTheRacist.

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hell yeah

polish pride worldwide dawai

My written polish is broken and no accents etc. Gandalf still talks to me in Polish. Great guy.

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i realized the other day that pokeballs were probably a direct result of american occupation and the following love of baseball that was passed on

hiroshima gave us pokemon

Champions League qualies tomorrow kurwwaaaa. Prolly gonna get spanked, good too see where we at doe

Nope hurricane knocked out q guys power in Poland lul

There are hurricanes in Poland?


i'm not sure i can support this team anymore

why not

plasma has changed. he wont rematch the hobo who beat him up

don't fight homeless people they have nothing to lose

you shouldve told plasma that bc he is the one who has a score to settle