Plain Jane - Day 2

@bazingaboy was found deaded he was a Vanilla Townie

Alive Players


Day 2 Start

Day will last until 2019-08-01T03:00:00Z or majority lynch.


@mafiabot startday 3962

If anybody is interested will be going ahead kn about a week

wrong fucking post this shit website

@Roragok delete please


So we kill alightsoul or what

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0 voters

Don't place votes

2 on town is lose

Mechanically we nolynch

However what's the point. They can kill in 4 that posted nothing and/or didn't vote and it makes no difference to the day

Ian -> yns -> friendo

Assume I am town and look at the interactions with my claim d1

Ian and friend know I am not scum

Other side of that coin is yns is not compellingly towny with his push and nyte and kyle just didn't post at all. If they're scum it's whatever they didn't even play

@anon82208883 @Nyte hey fuck you

I dont see how this could be true it just creates the same situation tomorrow with one mroe dead town.

we dont have a cop or anything so an extra night benefits mafia more than twon

ur just too much of a bitch to place a vote

One more dead town means narrowing down who is maf

Ok I’m down to lynch friend

We’re at lylo idiot if we lynch wrong we lose night does nothing as we just go into lylo again with less people which makes it easier

Today is mylo tomorrow's lylo

You've been playing 6 years and don't understand basic mechanics friendo

Kyle logged in, read, I pinged him and now is gone without posting

Excuse me

I never called you town..just rebuffed ynss read