#plasma cancelled by reddit

Plasma got cancelled by reddit go look at /r/dota2


@Plasma1337 you're a clown

looks like he canceled himself as well just to be sure

this redditor says he blows player winnings on blow

who is this redditor?

kind of adheres to his MO except labelling him a legendary nadota forum poster

hmmm....everyone is getting hung up on the spanglish/"cheap labour" commentary as being racist

but they're glossing over where he advocates for collective bargaining, and a greater, more egalitarian standard of living for our Americas bretheren

i'm glad you've finally taken the first step towards adopting more socialist attitudes brother @khaliwear @Plasma1337

never would have guessed you wud become dota's first teamster gj

try smaller words if you want to communicate effectively with him




plasma owns i will defend him since his brain is sick (canadian) and his capacity is low/O2 deprived (polish)

wow plasma is an idiot who knew

im free

id feel bad if i was wrong.

i have more respect for plasma now that i know he spends dota prize money on cocaine


You are wrong and a dumbass


lmao at the redditors being convinced that the 88 in ixmike's name is a nazi dog-whistle. ROFL