#Plasma invited to BTS series




if ur players dont have namafia.com at the end of their names youre getting slumped

buddy you gotta cut that shit out


? want me to contact that hobo to beat u up again?

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let’s crowdfund namafia sponsorship?

wait we don’t like new people

we failed to welcome and integrate the latest addition in @eljima

i welcomed him. i even gave him a special title

I think we need more new members so epok can finally monetize the forums

Hell yeah #plasma

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that idiot would come back to do that shit too

Don't be mean to Dan. He is the reason we have colors on this website


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Holy shit you play EG on the first day. Good luck and God bless.
They are shit lately. They lost to moonmeander last week.

lol yeah EG first

you don't deserve to be there, but at least you have arguably the best team logo

I believe it still eg without abed and Ramzes so yeah they’re sub par

EG should replace Bulba with Universe.
And move RTZ back to mid and replace Ryoya with Mason.