Plasma loses everything again


Every time ive gotten a food sponsor I've had cancelations.

There was that hot sauce I forget the name

Then Mr Lee's noodles

Now wowbutter

No more food sponsors


Alcohol always feels right but it isn't the answer. But it puts the mind at ease, brings a soothing silence to the screaming sounds in your head.

Stay strong, chin up. Onto the next one or try again and do better. :+1:

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Yeah lol. Alcohol has been involved each time as well

Just got a $700 ($515usd) AC unit from amazon for free kekistan

I am reporting you to amazon and the police for fraud if you dont send me $200.

Youre already publically doxxed and i have this image saved to my phone.

Pm me for my cashapp. You have 24 hours

I purchased one that was pre opened. It arrived and some plastic bits were cracked and it wasn't put together properly. They offered me 125$ and I said how about that + replacement parts.

Their counter offer was to refund all the money lol

Ill see if your story corroborates



Those things work great.
A pain in the ass to set up.
But they crank out cold air like a boss.

it was ez to set up actually lol took like 15 min or less, I might need one more small one because that thing will be fighting my miners and the summer heat

you will die a cold death in your handmade icy grave.

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That's a good way to die apparently. Hypothermia

More like hypospermia


oreos would go hard tho

Don't put fucking ideas in my head

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