#plasma might f around and get an SA team


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wasn't lukis team actually kinda ok? if only you could keep your mouth shut. also isn't dota a terrible investment right now?

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Sign mafia dipshit

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If only I could keep my mouth shut yeah.. They were ok. SA dota not a terrible investment. Especially Mexican dota team.

I may be making excuses for myself, Im sober now. After 12 years, after 12 fucking years. The only thing I was planning on doing with my NA dota winnings was buying cocaine and degeneracy.

Tell me, 12 years of trying to quit stopped after I told the truth. Is it worth? I think so.

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if u can't beat em

join em


hunter biden of nadota

I mean

Fighting for NA against cheap SA labor

More like trump junior

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huh? more like the second coming of Salvador Allende after that little tirade about better pay for our brown brothers south of the border

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33% of SA is h-white

I said that more because our NA brethren are ■■■■■■■■ They think they are worth (4zoomers) $5kusd per player $2.5k coach and manager + team house. Half a mil a year for what? 2-3k english viewers per match in BTS? Trying to get them to come down to SA standards just so they can get employed.

SA area bunch of degenerates. If they had a better argument then herp derp raccista i might have actually retracted what I said. All they did was piss me off. Thats my biggest driver too, being pissed off.