plasma morning stack

I take all this in teh morning now with 2 bananas

NAC, L-Theanine, Fish oil, probiotics and multi vitimins for the autizmz

L- Glutamate to help not drink booze (4 months sober now)

Bacopa, Lionsmane and tumeric for brain damage from Rugby, Football, Hockey and life
The stuff just above is awesome. Everything is brither and nicer since i started taking it 4 days ago.

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Thats alot of meds

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nmagane morning stack

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its supplements and amino acids. There is no med

A nice 6 and 15 / 2 and 16 to start the day

Thats a lot of snake oil

*picks brewmaster, wins*
*picks clockwerk, feeds*
*picks brewmaster, wins*

Can't be losing that precious Ranked MMR -- always knew nmaGane was a skilless hero spammer at heart (you realize he can only play three heroes after 5000 games with him because he randoms every game and instantly loses the games he doesn't get his three heroes).

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I randomed the clockwerk and we lost because of Toprak literally running it down mid to grief marski.
I couldn't even random in the other games - it doesn't let you.

When the Ranked Roles game assigns me "Offlane" I have to pick an offlaner.

What cuz she's 15?

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My biggest motivation for getting healthier is so that I can turn around and sell snake oil to idiots online.

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