plasma pro SA dota now! EPL World Series: America Season 9

EPL World Series: America Season 9

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Pro NA,SA,EU now dang Bois

This shit makes me sad. It really shows how fake and bullshit eSports is

First Match tomorrow 11am we play vs Infinity.

Plasma is 3W-0L vs Infinity - lifetime record

on this, we agree

ff win for game 1 kekistan

We get the FF next match friday 1pm EST

Apparently infinity didn't pay their guys so they fucked off

Does this guy just post to himself

bruh this shit is cheaper then paying casters for a whole season in cs2 kekistan

hmmmmmmmmmmm I can do this with teams in majors or ti even.


NA Mafia could crowdfund an mesikan team in pro dota so EZ its stupid funny hahahahaha this cost me $700usd

we up 1-0