plasma vs Beast Coast - ! Live !

ME talking shit to sammyboy team 4zoomers




@Roragok can we get a #plasma emoji?

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@Plasma1337 can u provide something for roragok to make as #plasma emoji? ur logo



im f5ing this thread every other minute until we get this emote in.

i pmed him the image

send it to epok he is almost an admin and probably can put it in

nice 4zoomers beat plasma and won me big dollars


bro that is not an emote

do you think that'll be readable at 32x32 or 64x64 or whatever

id rather add multiple #plasma emotes than that

and please crop out the whitespace yourself

i mean maybe you plan on making twitch sub money someday, just commission some emotes that you can use on there too then

Here is this better


i dont. Just gonna slang dick

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The #plasma way

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