#plasma vs omega gaming ESL1 LIVE!

We the only NA team out hurr boys ESL One Thailand


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this roster has me geeked amb and pingu on the same roster CAN U GET ANY MORE BASED!!!!

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

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anyway u guys are gonna get slapped by infamous guaranteed but u got a shot against the other 2 teams good luck ~ ~

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Hyping the boys and talking shit to G-Pride b4 match.


Anyone going to stream it?

I hope you have some VitaPlur™ gum because I'm sure you are clenching your teeth right now.

@Plasma1337 What happened to that Stigs guy?

hes tier 3. They didnt paly for almost 3 months and i sadi fuck it i cant keep doing this.

We lose both games. Pingu leaves squad, next game tomorrow.

AMB is a nice addition. I hope he does well.

w/e happens happen.

gg we are knocked out of closed quali

can we get a video regarding your feelings about this


@Plasma1337 I think you have a better team now. Give them time.