dead forum when your boi isnt around

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Pey-Ruvian squad out on deck though. Took a while, they run on gringo time

cant wait for the woke tabloids reaction when your bwoi gets deep like you do in pussy

I wonder if i can get a Taliban sponsorship

Taliban does not like anything western

They kill soccer players what do u think they will do to valve game players

Well it's G cuz those cunts @Nyte and @SOPHIE want this diuk

Imagine women making decisions in anything like ded country like sweden

Don’t speak to or about my fiancé like that

Why would I want dumbass racist trash dick

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Cuz I make u wet

Fuck u

Imma prolapse yo bitch

Yes I’m racist. So what?


Was thinking abt u bro

■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■■ chink chink chink

How do chads like you survive in this western shit hole?

@Roragok why this forum so racialist chink I allowed blyaaaa

Ty kurwa racista jebeny

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You wish creep

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Thats fine I just don't find you attractive anymore

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I will actually murder you if you even get within 15 miles of my fiancé

Not even I can get 15 mi within my fiancé what makes you think you can

Please I'll make you my bitch too

Ok what’s your address