Creepwave > #plasma

You don’t wanna pay? I’ll ruin you



Run ■■■■■

Plasma shook

Broken ankles

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Hahaha they fired him for this? Did they forget they employ GAMERS?

bruh ESG woke bullshite they have to. He blocked me on twitter ill hire him for mexican wages ion the future if he wants though, i aint mad

Everyone’s getting fired
This is what we call a good PR move

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Pretty sure they just used that as an excuse.
They probably already made the decision.

Yeah exactly. T2 orgs always fire their players after the season doesn't pan out. But also the whole making a big deal out of it is so unprofressional, it is basically an announcement to players you won't have their back when the going gets tough. Over something relatively silly

Agreed. Just say it isn't working out and be done with it.

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Companies don’t even have their CEO’s backs
See g2 esports

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