Playing Sports thread

Do you play any sports?

I run everyday, go to the gym 4 times a week and now im picking up swimming because of the great weather we are having.

Love physical activity, couldnt live without it.

How about yall?

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I usually listen to Terry Davis - as a podcast of sorts.

I generally listen to podcasts four to five times a week instead of physically exerting myself like an animal.

What podcasts to you listen to?

Sorry, I wouldn’t reveal my personal habits and rituals online unless I was doing it ironically to make fun of other users.

why are you guys so afraid of being earnest

Hahahaha @jones told me what podcasts he listens to in private chat

I used to play a lot of soccer, pretty much done with that now that I’m going off to college. Still do a lot of running and play ultimate frisbee/disc with my friends pretty frequently, it’s really fun.

i played soccer up until i was 12 i think and then on/off. really fun, now i like basketball more

I play a lot of volleyball. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it. The league I play in is the highest level available around here and is mostly ex-college varsity players.

Beach volleyball and company slo-pitch in the summers.

I did dodgeball for the last few years and even went as far as to compete in a national tournament but I think I’m gonna give it up because it’s so damn hard on my shoulder.

I also do a bunch of pickup badminton and basketball.

compensating because you suck ass at dota

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very real


I tried to @amer not you capgrass. I respect you


volleyball is really fun but im 5 ft 7




a long time ago i did cross country but stopped running recently. i miss running i miss physical activity. the runner’s high was real for me


i’m 6’4 and feel short playing middle against some of these 6’8-10" monsters in my league :frowning:

I fuck with ultimate