Please remove the streamer sidebar

The entire forum is off center for me now and the streamer sidebar is just obnoxiously big in comparison to the rest of the elements on the site. I've literally been deleting it in the inspect tool as it's so obnoxious.

I also notice now - while looking at my own thread, that even though there is no streamer sidebar on an actual thread page, the elements are still adjusted as if there were one. There is much more empty space on the right of the site than there is on the left. I know it sounds like I'm making a joke or whatever but it's honestly so infuriating and disorientating especially when browsing on phone.

use mobile

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ur browsing on phone? are u on desktop layout?

The sidebar is only enabled on category/ies. it cant affect the thread page because if it did it would look much worse/different than it does now, its the reason i didnt enable it on threads

also what skin do u use